If you compliment a cupcake….

vanilla cupcake 3To help explain what Diamonds or Dust is about, let me tell you about my thesis.   If you give a human a compliment on their cupcakes, they’ll want to take out a fifty thousand dollar loan and start a cupcake business that will probably fail.

Living in Southern California, I’ve seen a number of boutique cupcake shops open up in nearby malls, but we’re living in a world that is dying from diabetes and obesity.

So how well can a five dollar cupcake really do?  Enough to pay off the loan to purchase the baking equipment, store front redecoration, rent and pay yourself?  Probably not.

In fact, it was probably a very bad business move.

So why did they do it?

Because one day someone offered to make cupcakes for a friend’s birthday party.  And the cupcakes were pretty good, and everyone said so, and then they said, “You could sell these.”  And someone else said, “You should totally sell these, I’d buy them.”  And being ever the American, dollar signs sparkle in their eyes.  A second mortgage later and they have a shop that will never be profitable enough to maintain indefinitely, let alone expand.

If you give a person a polite compliment, you may be doing more harm than good. Giving advice when you have no expertise is worse.

This is a business thesis, but artists are a businesses unto themselves– complete with marketing, product, sales and long hard hours.  Thus putting time and energy into a product that isn’t sell-able can be damaging.

We’re not here to be mean, but to save you from those who are too nice to tell you the truth.


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    If you are interested in real critiques for your writing, I would encourage you to check out this new blog by Rawrasaur & hubby Grayson Queen. I am going to post some of my work here.

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    I’ve just joined Diamonds or Dust looking to give/get valuable input on ways to improve my writing and to help other folks improve theirs. Check it out; see if it might be something that would work for you, too.

  3. I was just reading an article about mentors. The author advised that you find a mentor who does NOT say, “Follow your dream.” Find one that says, “That’s a really stupid idea.”

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  5. I am sure this will be a big help, at least when I write “it” more than a eighth of a second in advance of publishing it 🙂 I’m trying, right now, to teach Garry enough about this whole blogging thing so that while I’m doing major repairs on my central pump, he can try to maintain something on my site. I’m going to be down for a while — no use pretending it won’t affect me. It’s already having an impact. If I was befuddled before, doubly so now. Hoping you’ll let Garry (surrogate me) into your group. He writes well and has crates of scripts to prove it, but has mostly written for TV. He has some issues with structuring writing for this medium. Not to mention major issues with technical stuff. He’s barely understands how to attach a picture to an email. Never mind. We’ll (sigh) work on it 🙂 Hopefully this will be a resource for him!

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