More Rules?

No, not really.  If you look at that black menu to the left, at the bottom you’ll see, “The Schedule”.  This is so everyone knows when they’re work is going up.  It’s currently in order of who set up their draft first.  I’m not sure if you noticed, but I was supposed to go next.  I pulled it because I just started working on it again.  This is just a reminder, that your work is your work, so if you want pull it off feel free.  Of course, if you do it too often we may have to accuse you of being too chicken to get critiqued.

So, a refresher:

1.) With your authorship access to Diamonds or Dust, create a new post.

2.) Paste your work into the post, and make sure there aren’t any weird formatting issues.

3.) If you like, at the beginning of the post, say if you want something specifically checked, what you intend to do with the work or anything else that might be helpful to the reader.

4.) Save the post as a draft.  Then we’ll put you on the schedule.

5.) Sit back and wait for us to make the posts live.  Then let the critiquing begin.

I want to thank everyone who contacted me with their questions and suggestions.  There were a few things I hadn’t noticed or thought of yet, and I’m very happy that this group is getting into gear now.


4 responses to “More Rules?

  1. cluck cluck, I’m a bit of a chicken. haha! I’ll get something in draft soon. Maybe, Yeah I will. Um, okay. 😉

  2. I’ve been reading DoD through the WordPress Reader, and I’ve noticed that protected posts don’t show up there. If I’m the only person who does this, then I’ll be happy to just switch over to subscribing via RSS — but if other people also use WordPress Reader for this, then it might make sense to post a quick non-protected “hey, there’s a new piece available” post whenever a new piece is made available.

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