Sorry for being a bit neglectful here, like I said I had a number of things on my plate at the time.

I’ve updated the schedule, and we’re only booked out till February 9th.  Don’t panic if you don’t have anything, I just want everyone to know that this isn’t a case of being polite and giving others a chance to get up.

Did anyone take that poll 2 posts ago?  I couldn’t figure out how to access the data (it wanted me to sign-up and enter a credit card, despite claiming it was free).  So that was a bust.

Okay, get reading.


4 responses to “Apologies

  1. So I took a little look at the poll, and underneath the voting options was the choice of “view poll results”. Since you seem unable to access them I’ll be a dear and tell you the results (as of 21.1.14):
    Yes – 50% (4 votes)
    No – 37.5% (3 votes)
    I’m trying! Stop bothering me. 12.5% (1 vote)

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