I didn’t forget this time!

I want to do something here and have it be public, so that other people can get a feel for what we do.  It was suggested to me that we pick a classic book and critique a section.  Any comments?  Other suggestions?


7 responses to “HA!

  1. Sounds like a good idea to me.
    Something everyone is familiar with already… classic, yet still poignant… Brave New World? Not sure why, that one is jumping out at me… Or, we could go with something that would be easier to rip apart: something from the Hunger Games trilogy, or those vampire books, or the 50 shades series?

  2. A book that’s already been published has already had people go through and edit/critique it. Maybe we should use a post from of our writer’s blogs that’s already been published and use that instead. You’re free to use any of mine, if you want.

  3. Sorry for my rather prolonged absence. Had a whole mountain of life to deal with. I have one or two posts I would be happy to share up for public dissection

  4. Like Revis, I’d be willing to have the one I posted as a show & tell piece. The critiques I received here, from all of you guys were fantastic and helped me to turn a pretty-good piece into a really good one. I couldn’t put my finger on what it needed. You guys did.

    Alternatively, we can all write a blog about this blog again and give our own experiences with it. Mine are quite positive, even though I haven’t posted again (I just haven’t been writing as much).

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