Summer Vacation

As I’m sure many of you know, I’m going through some hard times.  And because of that I was worried that I might not have the time to keep up Diamonds or Dust.  So a few members have recently been added as administrators.

Still, many of us are working on producing new material, and the queue for critiquing is a little short.  As a way of killing two birds with one stone; it seems a break could help us all catch up.

My current thought is some time at the end of July, unless someone has another suggestion.

I apologize to any new members who have yet to participate, I hope to see you back here.


5 responses to “Summer Vacation

    • Agreed.
      Shoot for July for now. But, if things change don’t feel you need to stick to that. We’ll all be here when this is ready to start up again.
      But, yeah, in the meantime, the rest of us should be writing and get some posts in as as submissions again.

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