Diamonds or Dust is an unbiased critique group for serious writers, open to any writer who abides by all the rules posted.  Works under review are locked for members only.

All of our critiquers are also  writers.  The founding purpose is to separate ourselves from friendly reviews– the ones that try not to hurt your feelings, or only focus on the good.

It is our belief that being surrounded by only those types of comments can restrict the growth of a writer.

We cannot fix what what don’t know is broken.

Honesty and rudeness can be a fine line to walk, so even though destructive criticism is not tolerated here– the emotionally sensitive should be warned.

If your dialog is stilted, you will be told.
If your story suffers from a plot hole, it will be pointed out.
If a scene doesn’t make sense, you will be notified.

The great thing is, with the fellowship of advanced writers you’ll learn why something doesn’t work, and what might make it better.

— Grayson Queen, Administrator


4 responses to “About

  1. What a terrific idea. It is great to get positive feedback, but that doesn’t help me take it from blog quality to print/publication quality. Thank you for doing this! I will help gladly.

  2. That is a really good idea for a blog. (If I were even remotely interested in being a writer, I wanted to try it out myself). But if your purpose is getting constructive criticism rather than generic approval, you might want to remove the “Like” buttons from posts.

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