Terms of Service:  By filling out and submitting this 9-question form, you state that you have read and understood the rules of this group (see AboutMember Rules, Writer Rules and Critique Rules).  You are also agreeing to critique, and be critiqued, without bias.

All members will abide by a standard practice of human decency.  Hate and aggressive speak towards one another is not acceptable. Copyright, intellectual infringement and plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Any infraction will be reviewed by the administrators and subject to their judgment.

We are currently open to fiction, non-fiction and poetry.  Many of our current members specialize in fiction and are using the group to work on their novels and short stories.

If you have questions or need clarification please leave a comment.


19 responses to “Join

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  2. This is the most baffling non-linear sign up process I’ve ever seen. I feel like I’m playing blind man’s buff … and I still don’t even know what it is you want to do. I’m just trusting it will be something I like.

    • 🙂 Ha! Well, hopefully you enjoy it– otherwise, there’s certainly no obligation to stick around. The group is already established enough to function without others, we just thought we’d open it up. The purpose of this form, and all the rules really– is to ensure that words don’t get stolen and feelings don’t get hurt. We’ve both been a part of many writer’s groups– and little forms like this cut down on the fearlessness of anonymity. They also let us make bios for all the participants that explain where the critiques are coming from. For example, a poet might take the critique of another poet more seriously– rather than someone who would never be their reading demographic. Or, when you see that my editing skills outweigh my writing skills, you might take my review of commas with a grain of salt. There’s a method to the madness, I promise! If you have suggestions on how to make the form more linear, however, we’d be happy to hear ’em.

    • I think everyone who applies will be accepted, except spam bots! And you, of course, are accepted. The application is mostly for your author/critiquer bio. We’ll be sending out emails soon!

  3. My final thoughts were cut off by my iPad! Oops. I think I will use my computer for work on this site!

    May I write about this site on my blog? Not a re-blog, but a real post? I think many of my buddies would like to participate. And some of them need to!

  4. Issue with signup – my website is a wordpress blog but does not contain the word “wordpress” – the sign up is rejecting it. Also, it makes me fill out the whole thing again for any issue that comes up.

  5. Ok, I signed up and I’m scared to death! Not really, I like being a drama queen once in a while. Ok, almost never. Still here’s to us! 😉

  6. Just in case you missed it … I apparently am supposed to have a password. I don’t remember putting in a password, but just in case, I tried every password I’ve used in the past two years (before that, I can’t remember) and none of them worked. So if I have a password, I’m in lala land … and if I don’t and should, what next? I’m so CONFUSED.

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