Member Rules

Once you’ve filled out the form, and accepted contributing rights to this blog, you will be listed as an active member.

Active members are expected to:

  1. Follow to help notify them of new post or changes
  2. Critique twice as much as you’ve posted.  (In other words, for every one story you put up, you should have critiqued two stories).

To maintain active membership, participation is required.  If you are inactive for more than 2 months, you will be moved to an inactive status and removed from the members page.

If you know you will not be available for an extended period of time, you can request to be made temporarily inactive.  The inactive status will help our administrators, so in the case of events or group participation, we won’t bug you.  A long inactive status may cause you to be removed as a contributing author.  This will be judged on a case by case basis by the administrators.

The way it works:

Members will be made contributors to this blog.  This will allow you access to post directly into the blog.

When you want to put up a piece for critique, create a new post and place the text inside.  Please make sure that the formatting is there.  It’s incredibly hard to read if the paragraph breaks aren’t correct.  All post will be subject to re-formatting if necessary.

The post title should be the title of your work.  If it’s a part of a book or a series you should indicate so in the title with either part 1 (2, 3, 4, etc.) or ‘excerpt’.  When you are done DO NOT CLICK PUBLISH, save it as a draft.  The administrators will determine the right time for the post to publish.

All writers’ post will be made private and locked with a password.  The password will be the same for all posts and everyone.  You will be given the password when you become a member.  To keep the confidentiality of our works in progress, please do not share the password.  Of course, you’re still welcome to post your own work wherever you’d like.

Currently (as of 9/2/13), members will be allowed to post one piece of work for review, without the need to have critiques under their belt.  The order of publishing works will be based on a combination of first come, round robin and participation activity.  This system of organization is subject to change based on member numbers and works available.

There will be a new work available every other week starting September 16th 2013.  In the case of small or large member numbers the frequency may be altered.

Editing can begin anytime after the work is published.  Please keep self promotions out of the comment section.

The benefits of being a member:

Other than getting out amazing input?

Active members will be allowed to publicly post about their books or ebooks.  In October we will be accepting member submissions to post or re-post about your work that is available to the public  Whether it’s a story on the internet, an ebook or a physical book it doesn’t matter.  Have as many links as you want; where to buy, download, read or social media review.

From time to time, we may ask members to write a post about something they’ve achieved or learned in the group.  The post will be on this blog for public viewing.

If you have questions or need clarification please leave a comment or contact us directly at


5 responses to “Member Rules

  1. It’s an interesting idea. Exactly the proportions of submissions to publications may be too lopsided. I’m just saying. You are assuming also that bloggers — we are all bloggers — are rather a bit more organized in our approach to writing than I think I (for one) am. I tend to write spur of the moment and do not, usually, put pieces together more than a day or two in advance … if that long. It really IS a great idea … but I suggest before you etch all this in stone, you let it fly a while and make sure it has enough wing to keep aloft … does that make sense? I’ve been involved in a lot of structured projects and the structure on paper (or virtual paper) can look great … but not work quite as well as you think it’s going to. Give it a little time and space to breathe, to be born, to find its feet … Because we are bloggers, not the members of the Algonquin 🙂

    • We’re not members of the Algonquin?! 😉

      As to the structure… we’ll see! We’d rather have structure and tear it down as we go… then madly run to build it up. We’re proactive people by nature and we’d rather scare away a few people at the beginning with an abundance of rules than spring them on people later once something goes wrong.

      This really isn’t a group for bloggers, so much as writers. I know they’re very often the same thing, but they’re also very often not. This is for the stuff you intend to take to publication, so it would be written out a little farther in advance than a day.

      We’d love to have critiquers only, but eventually someone running around picking everyone’s stuff apart without ever offering themselves up will grind on people’s nerves. It’s happened in every writers group we’ve been in, so we’d rather stipulate an arbitrary ratio. If it needs tweaking later, we’ll tweak. You can, of course, critique 5 stories for every 1 story you post, but we do want people to be active on both sides of the spectrum.

      I hope that answers that. Of course we’re flexible, Marilyn, you know that– but our focus really is to make sure everyone is getting the help they need, without getting their feelings hurt. Whatever we can do to enforce that, we’re willing to do.

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