Grayson Queen – Writes: Sci-Fi, Horror and Literary – Reads: Sci-Fi, Classics, Literary – Looking to: Engage my readers better – Writing level: 8 – Editing level: 3

Rarasaur – Writes: Poetry, Young Adult fiction, Romance – Reads: Everything – Looking to: Tighten stories – Writing level: 6 – Editing level: 10  – Writes: I generally write poetry and flash fiction/short stories. Occasionally I’ll delve into nonfiction – Reads:  I almost always read fantasy, although I am definitely into expanding my literary horizons. – Looking to:  I hope to become a stronger writer. Sounds vague, I know, but that’s the best way I can put it. Some of my best works came from a writing-class-workshop I took a couple of years ago, and I hope to emulate that experience. – Writing level: 7 – Editing Level: 8

Teepee – Writes: All sorts of stuff, mostly personal, but it depends on what’s going on in the world and my mood. And photographs. Lots of them.  – Reads: History. Science Fiction. Fantasy. Historical fiction. Non fiction. Poetry. And I listen too as in audiobooks. – Looking to: I have no idea. – Writing level: 10 – Editing Level: 10 – Writes: I write general fiction: short stories. – Reads: I read popular fiction, biographies, memoirs and whatever I can get my hands on. – Looking to:  I want to submit to e-zines and / or magazines but am nervous to do so.  I am looking for constructive feedback on what’s working or not, what’s missing, does the story work? Why not? – Writing level: 2 – Editing Level: 8

djmatticus – Writes: Fiction.  Right now it is usually fantasy and western genres, but I wouldn’t want to be stuck within those two solely. – Reads: Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Mystery, Crime Thrillers – Looking to:  Critiques and the opportunity to improve my writing. – Writing level: 7 – Editing Level: 7 – Writes: Short fiction, but I would like to write a novel.  Generally, I tend to write about sociological type issues, eg. what would happen to a group of people if . . .  I like these kinds of puzzles. – Reads: I read a lot of Stephen King.  I also read a lot of detective type novels like J.D. Robb, Patterson, Isles, etc. – Looking to: I hope to get more than “this is great” from the group.  Everything I have written so far has received a lot of praise from the blogging community, but how do I know what people really feel? – Writing level: 2 – Editing Level: 8 – Writes: My best writing is memoir — I have been working on a book about the psychotic , alcoholic German Shepherd who helped me through difficult health problems.  I also blog about politics. – Reads: Fiction.  I love Wilkie Collins for his brilliant writing/social commentary. – Looking to: Blogging has given me confidence in the appeal of my stories.  But nobody ever suggests a better way to phrase it, or approach it.  Nobody ever says what doesn’t work, or where the story is repetitious.  That’s what I want help with, because I usually do know what works.   It’s knowing what doesn’t and getting ideas on how to fix it. – Writing level: 8 – Editing Level: 8 – Writes: I have self published my first sci fi novel. The next three parts are already written. I do poetry, songs, short stories, and weird stuff. I am working on a children’s book. I have to finish painting some monkeys.- Reads: I read everything. – Looking to: Feedback is good… I am all art-side-of-the-brain. I create stuff… all kinds of art… but I never do anything with it. I am trying to fix that. – Writing level: 6 – Editing level: 4 – Writes:  Humorous nonfiction, mostly, although I’m trying to branch out into short stories. I’ve just sold my first short story, actually; it’s speculative fiction with some very dark humor. – Reads: Mysteries, sci-fi, humor, and nonfiction. – Looking to: I’m hoping to hone my writing skills, and also to improve the individual pieces that I post here. I’d also like to sell more stories, so having a private forum to post work for critique will be very helpful. – Writing level: 3 – Editing level: 4 – Writes: I write horror, science fiction, general fiction, poetry and sometimes romance. The truth of the matter is that sometimes I get an idea and have no idea what it will end up being by the time I’m done with it, so I might foray into other areas. – Reads: Everything. I like fiction and nonfiction, horror, science fiction, period fiction, children’s literature (I’m not embarrassed to admit I still read juvenile books from time to time), fantasy, and poetry. Sometimes I even read books that are awfully written just to get a feel for how not to do things. – Looking to: Honest feedback so that I can strengthen my writing skills. I’m working on a science fiction novel that quickly turned into a series, and some days it feels like I’m drowning in the complexity of the project. It actually makes it difficult to write because nerves get in the way, but I’m hoping getting critique on shorter works will help me move past that. – Writing level: 4 – Editing level: 3 – Writes: I have one published, mystery genre novel.  That seems to be my initial comfort zone, but I want to explore other areas. – Reads: mystery, suspense, thriller, Bloom County, Zits – Looking to: Support for ongoing projects. Ideas and techniques.- Writing level: 6 – Editing level: 5 – Writes: I write about my experiences and life in Beijing. Sometimes jovial, but more often than not a little miserable. – Reads:  I read a lot of blogs. Novels I read tend to be modern(ish) American literature. Authors I like include Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac, John Steinbeck, Haruki Murakami & Cormac McCarthy. – Looking to: I hope to get honest, constructive feedback about my work, learn my flaws and use what I’ve learned here to improve my writing. – Writing level: 3 – Editing Level: 4 – Writes:  I usually write fiction. Either short stories or flash fiction. I have a novel that I’ve been working on for the past year. Someday I might even get it done. I am also a NaNoWriMo winner and very proud of that fact! I am thinking of writing my memoir. I do occasionally write stories about my past as I am an abuse survivor in the hopes it might help other abuse victims. – Reads: Everything! Really, I am a reader of words, whether they be on the back of a cereal box or a well written novel. I love mystery and suspense stories. Also paranormal fantasy. I will read pretty much anything that holds my attention. Except for horror, I don’t read horror. It scares me. – Looking to: Good, honest, straight forward critique of my writing. – Writing level: 7 – Editing level: 8 – Writes: non-fiction, inspirational fiction, memoir. – Reads: non-fiction, inspirational fiction, some sci-fi, memoir. – Looking to: I hope to become part of a community of writers who wholeheartedly critique and support each other. I would like honest feedback on material that I will be submitting to publishers. – Writing level: 6 – Editing level: 6 science fiction, fantasy fiction, poetry. – Reads: science fiction, fantasy fiction, mysteries, World War 2 history. – Looking to:  I hope to become a better writer. I know that there are areas of my writing that I need to improve and I hope that this group can help me identify them. – Writing level: 5 – Editing level: 3 – Writes: Short stories andI just started writing flash fiction. I don’t have a particular genre. My writing tends to be a bit dark. – Reads: I don’t have a preferential genre. I was a lit major in college, so the classics are my background. Right now I’m on a Scandinavian crime/mystery/suspense/thriller reading spree. – Looking to: Honest feedback. I hope this group will help me branch out into different generes and of course improve in my genre comfort zone and improve overall as a writer (i.e. I’m sure there’s supposed to be a comma somewhere in here). – Writing level: 6 – Editing level: 5.


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